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Mi nombre es Carolina y comencé con Que Tramas como una tienda/taller en Santiago, Chile el 2012. Luego de un año de haber estado en esa tienda en Av. Italia donde todo comenzó, decidí mudarme de lugar.

Ahora me puedes encontrar a través de la web (facebook, instagram, twitter, etsy, pinterest o la página web).

Comencé  mucho tiempo atrás tejiendo solamente a crochet, y con el tiempo descubrí también el arte del telar y me enamore de este.

Por eso mismo he estado creando productos mezclando mis dos pasiones, el telar y crochet.

Casi todos mis productos son realizados con hilados de lana u alpaca, provenientes de diferentes lugares de Chile.



Que Tramas started as a shop/workshop in Santiago, Chile in 2012.
Little time after that I open my Etsy shop, but I started really working on it in 2014. It took me a while! But now I am here!
After travelling throw a lot of places I came back to Santiagom, Chile and started putting “Que Tramas” together again.
Now I have my beatifull workshop at my home, where I live with my BF and he has so much patiente looking at my special “order”, wool everywhere you look!

I started with crochet long time ago, really can’t remember when. But I really fell in love with my loom when I started to learn it in college. There I realize that was the thingI love and wanted to do. So I have been mixing My crochet and weaving skills together to make my pieces. Most of the time using wool from Chiloe, and Island here in Chile where I live for a while.

All the help that I have got for “Que Tramas” has always been in my family. You can see my sister in the pictures and also my dogs. My brother and her girlfriend make all the graphic design, and my boyfriend all the support.

All that inspires me is all around me. Everyday what I see in the city, when I walk in the subway, everywhere I go I see inspiration.

Right now I am working in the new Winter collection (I am in South America so our winters are different from the North!) and expecting great results!
Hope you love and enjoy them!

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